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3 Reasons I’m Obsessed with the Twin Cities

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time in Minnesota. This is mostly because a lot of my friends live in the Twin Cities area. There are so many cute spots around town, so I figured I’d share my favorites in case you’re in the area! 

1. Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar

I already know how basic this is, but I’m OBSESSED with waffles, and these are the best! You can build your own waffle or choose one of their combinations. My waffle masterpiece looked like this:


2. Agra Culture Kitchen & Press

I’ve been to Agra Culture twice. It’s quaint, rustic, fast-casual restaurant . The first time I went with my mom for a little snack we tried agra hash, broccolini and a lemon blueberry muffin. I know, it’s a really weird combo, but we just wanted to sample different things. Since then, I’ve tried the agra harvest salad. IT WAS AMAZING! The portions are huge, but it’s salad so who cares. 

3. Stone Arch Bridge

The day after the Huskers beat Minnesota (GO ‘SKERS) we grabbed Caribou Coffee in the morning, and took a nice stroll on the Stone Arch Bridge. The coffee was mediocre, but the view was incredible.


IMG_0291 Caribou


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