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I will be the first to admit that I have a serious shopping problem.

When I’m not physically at the mall, I’m shopping on my phone, iPad or computer.

Last night was an average night for my mom and me. We went out shopping for a few home decor items. Next thing I know we end up at Anthropologie. That store is DANGEROUS. If you can go in and come out empty handed or spend less than $50 you deserve an award.

Lucky for us it’s one of my favorite times of the year, the Anthropologie Summer Tag Sale.

Naturally, we found a few items we just HAD to have.


Farmer’s Market Baskets (Large and Small)

I eat a lot of berries; these cute little baskets make a perfect storage space. 




Latte Bowls

My new favorite breakfast food is açaí smoothie bowls, but my mom doesn’t use bowls so this was a purchase we could actually justify. 

Monogram Mug

I see these mugs EVERYWHERE! I’ve had my eye on them for a year now, but finding a “W” on anything is practically impossible. I lost my breath and teared up a little when I found this “W” mug. OBSESSED!!!

Pink Crystal Knobs

My mom bought a new dresser for my room. It’s great, but the knobs on it are a huge eyesore. The dresser has been transformed thanks to these perfect little knobs.

Treat yourself! Go to Anthropologie or follow the links above. If you buy a lot (which you will) and need help justifying your purchases, I’ve got you covered.

Happy shopping!


Wellesley Lauren

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