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Bachelor Recap: Peaked in High School

It’s week two of Ben Higgins trying to find love on The Bachelor.

We still haven’t heard the phrase “here for the right reasons.” So you could say things are going well.

Right away, there’s a date card.

The first girls to go on a group date are: Jackie, L.B., Lauren H, Becca, Amber, Mandi, Jojo, Jubilee, Jennifer, and of course Lace.

Jubilee “is like so excited.”

Ben takes the girls back to high school (since he peaked there) to do some weird competitions like make volcanos explode, bob for apples, place Indiana on a map, and play basketball.


Mandi and Amber race. Mandi wins by a landslide and becomes “homecoming queen.” Ben gives her a replica of his letterman’s jacket. This could not be weirder.

Lace tells us she “was never good at school.”

After the date, the girls get one-on-one time with Ben. Jennifer and Ben kiss and guess who was not a fan of that? LACE.

Oh Lace… have you seen this show before?

Jubilee drops her life story on Ben. She was born in Haiti and lived in an orphanage. She love’s the relief work Ben has done. Honestly, it was a really cute moment. You’ve secured your rose Jubilee.

Ben takes Jojo to the roof.

She said she’s “never been this high before.” Ben is like I live in Colorado I’m always high (he didn’t really say that, but he should’ve). Their chemistry was UNREAL. Jojo gets the group date rose.

Caila gets the one-on-one date. Olivia is unamused, calling herself “the front runner.”

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube show up. Ben says he’s a fan (I don’t believe him) and the girls squeal (probably in confusion).

Kev and Ice (yep, I gave them nicknames) propose Ben takes Caila on an inexpensive date. I’m not interested.


Ben tells Caila he was worried that everyone would walk away from him once they got to know him. Aww Ben. We would never walk away from you.

Caila gets a rose!

The next date card comes for Emily, Shushanna, Sam, Olivia, Haley, and Amanda.

The girls meet Ben at the “Love Lab” to see if they are his perfect match. It’s hard to focus because Ben has on flip flops (EW).

Sam had the lowest compatibility score, which might be because Ben described her scent as sour. He later tried to make up for that, but it was weird and didn’t work.


Olivia scored the highest, and she feels VERY confident. Homegirl is very competitive. She got the rose. I’m salty. I know she was my pick last week, but whatever. New week, new favorites.

“I don’t know what rose ceremonies are really.”

-Olivia, our newest villain

Amanda told Ben she has two daughters and he was PUMPED. It was a super cute moment. AMANDA NEEDS A ROSE! Ben needs to be a dad. I’m loving this.

At the cocktail party, Ben and Amanda made rose hair clips for her daughters. I’M DEAD!

The girls are all anti-Olivia at the cocktail party. Lace is acting crazy again (shocker).

Then the ceremony begins…

After Ben called her name at the rose ceremony, L.B. asked to talk to Ben out in the hall for a minute. She left. Bye L.B.

Amber got the last rose. It’s a pity rose. She needs to whine less next week.


Best Dressed:

Olivia in the hot pink cocktail dress

Twin in the white and gold sequin cocktail dress (Emily)

Lauren B. in yellow


My Favorite This Week:


ben and amanda

Amanda told Ben this week that she has two daughters. Ben seemed very open to the idea of being a dad (~swoon~). They are a match made in heaven. Amanda seems super sweet and JUST LOOK AT THEM! THEY’RE A GREAT MATCH.


Who Got the Boot:




L.B. (left on her own)


That’s all for this week! You can watch the full episode here.

Stay tuned for next week. Lots of tears, lots of drama.


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Photos are not mine. All are from ABC. THX 4 THE PHOTOS ABC. U ROCK.

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