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Bachelor Recap: Dad Goals

It’s week 5 of The Bachelor and Ben and his fave ladies are in MEXICO CITY!


(Someone check Ben’s Spanish because I don’t think this is correct. You tried, Ben.)

Ben says he’s starting to get more comfortable and confident.

The girls are screaming because they’re just SO excited.

Is it a new thing this season to talk about how much they love the hotel? It’s annoying.

Olivia is already being psycho. A date card arrives for Amanda! Olivia fake smiles.


Ben goes to the hotel early in the morning (probably to see what they actually look like without makeup). The girls scream and hide under the covers.

“I sleep with a retainer too!”


Someone must have warned Amanda ahead of time because her hair and makeup are flawless.

Ben and Amanda go on a hot air balloon ride, and Ben spits some historical facts. Good memorization skills, Benny!


The girls back home are worried that Amanda misses her kids. Olivia thinks Amanda should go home right now. Everyone is wondering if Ben is ready for fatherhood. I hope he is!

Ben and Amanda go to dinner where she opens up about her past.

Amanda says her ex just wanted to go out with his friends and avoid responsibility. He was also talking to other women. Ew. HE’S THE WORST. YOU GO AMANDA! YOU DON’T NEED HIM.

Ben swoops in and says the perfect thing. He should just propose already. She got a rose though so I guess that’s close enough.

Ben is a real-life Disney prince. BEN, ILY!

Jubilee, Becca, Jojo, Caila, Emily, Lauren B., Jennifer, Leah and Olivia get a group date card! Lauren H. is the only one who isn’t on the list! I hope she and Ben wear their retainers on their date.

Ben takes the ladies to another school scene. I think he has some kind of fantasy or something, but that’s not my business.

The girls all learn how to compliment Ben in Spanish. Jubilee is jealous seeing all of the girls flirt with him. She’s being a huge brat about the whole thing. THAT ISN’T HOW YOU WIN A ROSE HOMIE!

Olivia gets up next.

Shocking Update: She’s still acting loony.

Ben takes the ladies to cook, but the recipes are in Spanish. Olivia and Jubilee both want to be partners with Ben. Jubilee backs down.

The group runs around looking for ingredients for their recipes. Surprisingly, some of the girls are good at Spanish! I’m impressed. They all head to the kitchen to start cooking!

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.53.15 PM

Emily thinks Olivia has bad breath, which is why Ben suggested they go get some fresh mint. I’M DYING!

In the kitchen, everyone is having fun except for Jubilee (TYPICAL)!

At the cocktail party, Olivia snatches Ben right away. She’s really really good at that!

Ben takes Lauren B. on a little walk around the city. PRESH *heart-eye emoji*

Now I’m jealous. I’m starting to feel like I’m dating Ben!

Jubilee is still being super cold, insecure and needy. I want them to show her some past seasons so she realizes this is how the show works… YOU CAN’T HAVE A ONE-ON-ONE DATE EVERY WEEK, HOMIE!

Ben says he doesn’t feel like things are progressing. He sends Jubilee home. Sad.

Jojo gives Ben the cutest pep talk of all time. THEY’RE SO CUTE!

Ben gives Olivia the rose… who did this? PRODUCERS, WHY?!?!!?!!!!!


Lauren gets a date card that says, “let’s design a life together.” Hmm…

She’s pumped.

Ben and Lauren walk in a fashion show. Lauren says the only walking she does is “walking her kids out to recess.” She’s hilarious. How does Ben pick every week?!

Lauren is nervous, and here comes Ben saying the perfect thing again. Do they write this stuff for him?!

Back at home, the girls are starting to worry about Olivia and their relationships with Ben. Twin Emily is out to get Olivia!

The girls are starting to have REAL feelings, and they aren’t afraid to tell Ben at the cocktail party!

Jojo and Ben are being cute again. They make me sick (in a good way).

Things are going well until Olivia makes a rude comment that offends Amanda.


Olivia starts crying and telling the girls she wants to try harder. Twin Emily sees right through her! WOO GO EM!

Emily goes to talk to Ben and starts crying. All I’m wondering is if Ben actually likes Emily. Emily calls Haley to tell her all the DRAMZ! Phones are allowed?

This is my favorite part of every season! The girls all decide to tell the guy they can’t stand this one girl, and the guy has this internal dilemma about what to do when the decision is very obvious.

This show is so predictable… I LOVE IT!

Chris dings the wine glass dealio and Ben asks to steal Olivia.


We’ll see how much longer you’re feeling good, Liv.

TO BE CONTINUED!! *eye roll*

They did this last season. I don’t like when they start episodes off with rose ceremonies. That isn’t how the show works! UGH


Who Got the Boot:



Best Dressed:

Jojo’s group date dress

Still not sure who she is, but Jennifer’s hot pink dress

Becca’s cocktail party dress


My Favorite This Week:

I can’t even play favorites right now. I like way too many of the girls! We’re starting to get to the real stuff and less of the reality tv drama. I hope Ben finds love. If not, Ben, HMU!


You can watch the full episode here.

Get ready! Next week we find out what happens to Olivia…

Stay tuned!

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GIFs are not mine. All are from ABC. THX 4 THE GIFS ABC. U ROCK.

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