Local Loves: Culprit Cafe

I met up with one of my friends from yoga teacher training, Alexander, for coffee and food.

I wanted to try somewhere new, which is shocking because I’m terrible at trying new things.

I follow Culprit Cafe on Instagram because who doesn’t love seeing pretty pictures on their Insta feed?! Everything looked so good so I HAD to try it!


Culprit Cafe has been open for three years! Sadly, I’ve been missing out until now. It’s such a cute little place with yummy drinks, pastries and lunch options.

My order: Vanilla Latte & Brie and Berry Beignet


First of all, the vanilla latte was THE BEST! I can safely say I’ve never had a latte that good in my life.

I was a little nervous to the brie and berry beignet. I like all of those things separately, but I wasn’t sure if I would like them together. Turns out it was delicious!

Alexander’s order: Veggie Sandwich w/ Bean Soup


Obviously, he loved it! The soup is GONE.

Go try out Culprit Cafe! You won’t regret it.

Culprit Cafe is located at 1603 Farnam St. Omaha, NE

They’re open from 8am-3pm Tuesday through Sunday.

Also, lots of love to Alexander for crushing it and opening his own yoga studio! So proud of him.

Check out his studio! For more info click HERE


Wellesley Lauren

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