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Bachelor Recap: Welcome to Warsaw

This week, Ben took the ladies home to Warsaw, Indiana. This is a big week for Ben and the ladies since next week is hometowns.

The first date card arrives. It’s for Lauren B. If that surprises you, you must be new here. Lauren B. and Ben are so into each other, but they can’t get over all of the gossip from last week with Leah.

Ben picks up Lauren in an old pickup truck and gives her a tour of his town. It appears Ben is a reckless drives as he does a HORRIBLE job keeping his eyes on the road.


Obviously, Ben shows Lauren his high school (where he peaked) and talks about how sick he was at sports. Turns out Ben wasn’t actually as good as it seems.

The couple goes to an after-school program where Ben used to volunteer. The whole thing is super staged. One of the workers asks the kids if they remember Ben and they all raise their hands… MHM SURE.

Ben comforts a crying kid and some random athletes I’ve never seen in my life show up.

Lauren B. and Ben leave, put on their matching leather jackets, which I assume were on sale because everyone wore a leather jacket this episode, and chat. Lauren B. is “IN LOOOOVE” with Ben.

Jojo is sitting at home sulking because Lauren B. got to see Ben’s hometown and she’s going to Chicago. That doesn’t make sense, Jojo. I’d take Chicago over Warsaw any day, no offense Ben.

Jojo and Ben spend the day together at Wrigley Field because Ben loves the Cubs. They get matching jerseys that say Mr. and Mrs. Higgins *swoon*.


Serious question though, does she get to keep the jersey? If she doesn’t win will she burn in? I hope we find out.


Ben corners Jojo into opening up because that’s his thing. Jojo lets it happen.

Group date time!! There is one rose on this date, which makes things serious.

Amanda, Becca and Caila get on kayaks or something and paddle to a barn? I’m not sure what happened honestly, but they end up in a barn.

At the barn, the girls get some one-on-one time to chat with Ben and make a case for why they should take him home.

Becca whines about not getting a one-on-one date. I don’t feel bad for her because she’s done this before and should know how this works more than anyone else. She asks Ben to warn her and not blindside her if he sends her home.

Caila compares herself to moss saying she is just looking for the perfect tree to attach to. WEIRD. Caila, keep that to yourself next time. Also don’t sell yourself short, girl, you are better than moss!

Amanda and Ben have a great little chat about her family and all that good stuff, which leads Ben to give her the rose.

Ben whisks Amanda away to McDonald’s (yep, you read that right); leaving the other girls by themselves for the rest of the night.

After a romantic date at McDonald’s giving people their food and sharing a french fry, which Amanda doesn’t eat because calories, Ben takes Amanda to the fair.

The mayor of Warsaw welcomes the couple to their town and the whole town of Warsaw applauds. Amanda and Ben get on the ferris wheel where they go at it while the whole town watches… cute.

Now, it’s time for the last one-on-one date.

Ben picks Emily up and takes her to his house. Ben yells for his family to come downstairs to meet her. Emily gets really nervous, but puts her game face on (or so she thinks).

Emily talks to Ben’s parents separately, and let’s just say it’s pretty uncomf…

Ben decides Emily isn’t the one for him and sends her home. She just wasn’t ready and she’s a terrible talker. It was bound to happen eventually.

Rose ceremony time!

Ben gives the first rose to Lauren B. (no surprise there). Then, he gives one to Jojo. It’s between Caila and Becca for the final rose. Ultimately, the rose goes to Caila.

Becca is heartbroken. She keeps asking him why although the answer is pretty clear. The only reason he would send you home is if he doesn’t feel anything, ugh. Duh, Becca!


Who Got the Boot:




Best Dressed:

Jojo in the Mrs. Higgins jersey (I need one of those)


It’s getting too close to the end so I’m done playing favorites. Sorry, people. 


You can watch the full episode here.

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