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Bachelor Recap: Hometowns

It’s time for Ben to meet the four ladies’ families!

First, it’s off to Laguna Beach to meet Amanda’s family.

Ben and Amanda are spending time at the beach when Amanda’s kids arrive and they all play in the sand.

THE BACHELOR - "Episode 2008" - The stakes are high as Ben crisscrosses the country on an exciting, emotionally charged journey to visit the final four women's hometowns. Ben travels to Orange County, CA to meet Amanda, the single mother with two adorable little girls, but her concerned parents wonder if he is ready to be an immediate full-time dad. Lauren B. shows Ben around her hometown of Portland, OR, but he must face serious questions from her sister. Caila shares some places with Ben that she holds near and dear to her in Hudson, OH; however, her father subjects the Bachelor to a grilling to see if he is worthy of his daughter. Finally, Ben is off to Dallas to meet Jo Jo, only to find her in tears as an unexpected surprise threatens to derail their romance. Ben must make a gut-wrenching decision to narrow the field to three women. Will one of them be his wife? Find out on "The Bachelor," airing MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EST) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Greg Zibilski) AMANDA, BEN HIGGINS

As I assumed, Ben is killing the dad game. He picked up one of the girls and then another ran to him and held his hand. I’m crying. The whole thing is just too cute.

Ben needs to be a dad and it needed to happen like yesterday.

The only bad thing about the date was that Ben had on these terrifyingly short shorts… TOO MUCH THIGH, BEN… WAAAAY TOO MUCH THIGH.

The future little fam heads home to meet Amanda’s parents and sister. Reality sets in once one of the girls starts crying in the backseat.

“Ben looked kind of deer caught in the headlight”

-Amanda’s Dad

Amanda’s family is very protective, which Ben realizes ahead of time, but give Ben a stamp of approval.

Ben says he can see himself as part of their family. I’M DYING!!! YES BEN YES!!! Ben reads a story with Amanda and the kids *faints*

This date was perfect.

Now it’s off to Portland to see Lauren B. *eye roll*

Their connection is undeniable and I hate that.

Lauren B. takes Ben around the city. They make a stop at a whiskey library. Drink up, Ben; this is about to get crazy.


The two head home to meet Lauren’s family. Lauren needs their approval before she can tell Ben she loves him. Ben also needs to get approval from Lauren’s 18-year-old dog (that’s really old).

Ben talks to Lauren’s sister and tears up talking about Lauren. Ugh. I want to love it, but I don’t. Lauren calls Ben her person *vomit*

Thankfully, Lauren’s dad is a realist and is keeping everyone’s head on straight.

Kk time for Ben to go to Ohio to see Caila and eat dinner with her family where Ben doesn’t get to take even one bite.

First things first, Caila and Ben go on a walk. Caila takes Ben to a bench by her high school where they kiss and chat. BORING. How is she still here?!


Caila’s dad is the CEO of a toy company so she takes Ben there to create a toy house with him.

Shortly thereafter, we meet Caila’s family and her dad talks a ton. Just won’t shut up.

Ben keeps saying he’s afraid he will fall for someone and they won’t love him back. Ben, how do you think the FOUR girls you’re dating feel!?

Caila’s parents encourage her to open up to Ben, but Caila isn’t ready to fully trust him.

Up next, Ben goes to Texas to get verbally attacked by Jojo’s brothers.


Jojo comes home to find flowers and a note, which she thinks are from Ben. Well they aren’t. They’re from her ex.

Jojo doesn’t realize that as she reads the note out loud (obviously staged). She’s unamused.

Jojo paces around and decides to call her ex thinking that will fix things. Ben rolls up (perfect timing… I wonder how that happens).

Ben is confused about why she’s crying. Jojo explains everything and Ben is understanding like he always is. He isn’t afraid to admit he’s uncomfortable though.

Jojo and Ben walk into her family’s home and her brothers just scream. Too much testosterone… shut it down.

The fam starts grilling Ben with questions. They’re skeptical for sure.

The brothers pull Ben aside to interrogate him. Meanwhile, Jojo and her mom go chat. Jojo’s mom is super positive and keeps telling her how pretty she is.

Ben is doing a pretty bad job getting these people on his side. He keeps saying he can’t make any promises and saying there are still three other women. SO WEIRD.

Jojo’s brothers hit her with some tough love. They don’t think Ben is as invested as she is. Jojo is getting a lot of mixed signals from her family.

One brother says Ben is brainwashing the girls. Jojo’s dad breaks up all of the attacks and Ben goes home.

Jojo’s mom chugs some champagne to forget all of this ever happened.

Rose ceremony time!
The first rose goes to Lauren B… shocker. Caila gets the next rose (ugh I want her to leave). The last rose go to Jojo…

I’m upset. I quit this show. I’m done.


I need a minute…


Who Got the Boot:



Best Dressed:

Amanda’s daughters *heart eye emoji*


You can watch the full episode here if you want to be sad and disappointed.

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