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Bachelor Recap: I Love You Two

Three ladies are left in the quest to win over Ben’s heart. The group heads to Jamaica to continue the “search for love”, but we all know they’re just excited about the fantasy suite.

Caila’s up first. She and Ben go rafting down a river, but Caila is being super weird and standoffish because she is still uncomfortable with the fact that other girls are still here. Doesn’t she know how this works? I mean she’s the one that left her boyfriend when she saw Ben on Kaitlyn’s season so obviously she’s seen this show before.

Come on Caila…

During dinner that night, Ben calls Caila out for being so weird. To which she says she’s glad he noticed…k? Caila then professes her love to Ben, which he doesn’t reciprocate but he pretends to be excited. The couple heads off to the fantasy suite where they wake up the next morning with perfect hair and makeup…hmmm…

There is no spark… NEXT

Then there’s Lauren B. whom everyone on the internet seems to love except for me.

Lauren and Ben go to the beach to save some baby turtles. The cutest thing on this date was all the baby turtles by the way. Not to ruin the moment, but only 10% of them will live so that’s sad. Not the point.

Lauren professes her love to Ben and he says something along the lines of OMG I LOVE YOU TOO!

Wait until Caila sees that….

The Bachelor saying I love you back is not the norm so he basically broke Twitter. Ben takes trip number two to the fantasy suite.

Last, but not least, Jojo. She’s my favorite. Jojo is obviously worried that her brothers’ performance last week will hinder her relationship with Ben. Both of them are very nervous (eek!)

The two take a helicopter to a cliff that they will eventually jump off of. If I were Jojo I would’ve worn a one piece because physics, but whatever.

The most important part of the date is where Jojo obviously says I love you and then…wait for it… BEN SAYS IT BACK!

YEP! YOU READ THAT RIGHT. BEN IS SUPPOSEDLY IN LOVE WITH TWO PEOPLE. I don’t think it works like that, Benjamin… What do you think? Is being in love with two people possible? Comment below.


So what does that mean for poor Caila?

Well she heads over (thanks to the producers) to see Ben as he’s somberly sitting in a little beach chair. She surprises him and kisses him upside down (that doesn’t make sense). Thinking she’s being all cute  and spontaneous she gets shut down pretty quickly by Ben who just can’t pretend anymore.

Ben asks her to leave so Caila gets in the car, buckles up and shares her final words to Ben.

Then, there was a pointless rose ceremony because obviously only two women were there and there were two roses. Both girls got a rose and they had an awkward three person hug.

That was painful to watch, but I have a feeling it will only get worse.

Things are getting messy. Ben has said I love you to the two women left, Lauren B. and Jojo. This is a huge no no.

“I’ve never been in love with two people, but I don’t think that it’s impossible”

-Lauren B.

Chris Harrison was even unamused by the news.

Now both girls probably think they are the surefire winner of this whole love game. Little do they know, that’s not the case.


Who Got the Boot:



My Favorite:

Jojo: Simply because Lauren B is boring and I don’t really care to see her on my tv anymore.


You can watch the full episode here.

See ya next week when all of the women return for The Women Tell All . Boy oh boy am I excited! DRAMZ!

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One thought on “Bachelor Recap: I Love You Two

  1. First of all, I laughed the whole time reading this. Second of all, I don’t think you can be in love with two people and this is WHY they aren’t supposed to say it back!! Also, Caila is insane and she needed to go… Ok thats all ❤


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