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Bachelor Recap: The Women Tell All

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It’s the best part of The Bachelor season. All the angry, heartbroken and sad ladies get together to roast each other and their mutual ex-boyfriend. The well-trained, very expressive audience of psycho fans do exactly as they’re told for two hours because well they’re psycho fans.

The ones that didn’t last long that have the most to say at these things… Like Shushanna. She needs to shush. I don’t remember her saying a word in English when she was on the show but now we discover she can talk!

This Jami girl won’t stop making comments, but I think she left after like the first episode. So she must have just rewatched all the episodes a million times so she would be relevant tonight.

I’ll break down for you the big topics of discussion on The Women Tell All.

Leah throwing Lauren B. under the bus

Everyone realizes Leah is a liar. Leah is delusional enough to believe she didn’t actually lie (she did)

Jubilee’s behavior

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.24.00 AM.png

Jami, whom no one knows, jumps at Jubilee for making comments about being the only “full-black woman” on the show. Yup, she made it a race thing. Awk. Now everyone thinks Jubilee is racist. Lol. Oh.

Jubilee cries because everyone gangs up on her. Then she realizes that oh yeah she might’ve said a few offensive things.

Chris hits us with a little TBT to when Jubilee and Ben were actually a cute pair and then she went and ruined it.

Is Chris Harrison like a registered therapist orrrrr….? Because he seems to have all these girls feeling a lot of things. I legit feel like I’m watching a therapy session between Jubilee and Chris.

Loony Lace

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.23.52 AM

She was on an emotional roller coaster during her run on the show and left by quoting her tattoo.

Lace claims she was just super uncomf and that’s not how she is. She also said she’s more aware of her facial expressions now.

Lace tells Chris she’s been dating since she left the show. Then, this random dude gets up and shows off his tattoo of Lace’s face. Obviously staged.

Chris offers Lace a spot in paradise and she takes it! I CALLED THAT

Overly-confident Olivia

Things with Olivia started off well then she got cocky. I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU, LIV!

“I want to talk smart things”


Liv feels misunderstood by most, but not Ben. He totes understood. The girls aren’t buying it, especially the twins who are simultaneously rolling their eyes.


Amanda stands her ground to Olivia about the comments Olivia made about her kids. Then every other girl chimes in and it’s a ROAST. The twins start chirping. I still don’t know which is which. Oh well.


Olivia reflects back to her childhood of being bullied. Shushanna chimes in (Shocker. Get your tv time, girlfriend). Liv shows some humility. WOO!


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.23.34 AM

Watching the little montage made me start rooting for Ben and Caila all over again.

Caila recaps the breakup. She claims she’s still in love w Ben. She also thinks Ben understood her. Ben must be the lady whisperer.

Caila ultimately wants a love like Ben has with Jojo and Lauren B. I don’t think I want a guy to be in love with me and another woman at the same time, but ok.

Ben takes on the ladies

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.23.01 AM

He’s nervous and rightfully so. Ben thinks being in love with two women is normal. It isn’t but that’s ok Ben.

Caila and Ben have a nice boring vanilla conversation.

Leah tries to make Ben into the bad guy. Ben isn’t having it!

Jubilee straight up calls Ben a liar. She makes some really fair points about how Ben said was seeking a wife that was good at communicating, but he kept around some women who made it clear they didn’t want to open up. WAY TO GO JUBS! But honestly jubilee pulled away a lot harder than the other women she claims weren’t good at open communication.

Amanda is absolutely adorable talking to Ben and saying such sweet and positive things as always. Class act.
The other ladies had good things to say too. So in general Ben is great and everyone and their mom wants to date him. Everyone should get to talk to their ex like this.

“I would marry that woman tomorrow if I could”

-Ben on the woman he chose

*eye roll*

Blooper time

Best Dressed:

Leah [find her dress]

Jami [find her dress]

My Forever Favorite: Amanda

“Being a mom is my jam.” You go, Amanda!
Overall, things went well. I don’t care who Ben chooses because it probably won’t be Jojo and you all know I can’t stand Lauren B. Oh well! Here’s what happens on the “dramatic” finale.

See ya next week!


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