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Bachelor Recap: The Final Rose

This season has been a hot mess to say the least. I’ve been let down by the sweet Ben Higgins multiple times over the past three months, and I’m not sure I will ever be able to forgive him for what he has done to my emotions.

This is Ben’s chance to make it up to me. He’s choosing between one of my favorites, Jojo, and my least favorite, Lauren B.

Lauren B. and Ben have had an undeniable connection from early on, which is annoying. I don’t like an obvious front runner. That isn’t the point of the show. I need some twists and turns, but Ben is pretty dry so I shouldn’t have expected that anyway.

Before Ben can choose both girls have to meet the parents. Lauren B. and Jojo make their cases, but Jojo’s is better. She makes it clear that her intentions are pure. She’s a hit! Ben’s mom loves Jojo, but also like Lauren B.


Lauren B. and Ben go on their date to stare at some water while they sit on mossy rocks (not my dream date, but whatever). The whole thing is boring and weird.

Lauren B. keeps trying to get Ben to talk about things, but Ben isn’t really feeling the whole talking thing. Homeboy has a lot on his mind being in love with two women. Ben seems pretty closed off and Lauren B. is really pushing him.

Ben gives Lauren B. this long speech that makes me think he’s going to break up with her right then and there, but he doesn’t.

Ben ultimately says he feels like their relationship is too stable. His relationship with Jojo on the other hand has been through much more (her brothers and stupid ex).

Time for Ben’s date with Jojo. This date is already off to a better start than the one with Lauren B. Jojo has a knack for making Ben open up without forcing it too much. He seems all around more comfortable.

The talk seems to be going well until they go back to the hotel where they go to the bathroom and Jojo discovers that Ben told Lauren B. he loves her too. Obviously, Jojo is like what the heck and totally stands her ground #girlpower

It’s almost time to decide, but first RINGS!

Here comes our old buddy Neil with some HUGE diamonds. Naturally, Ben picks my least favorite (foreshadowing? PROBABLY).

Cue brainstorming session with my sorority sisters on how to handle the awkward situation of your boyfriend picking a ring you hate.

Both ladies get ready and share all of their feels. The producers buckle them into the helicopter and OFF THEY GO!

One will be heartbroken the other will be engaged. Weird how that can happen in like 10 weeks…

Jojo gets off the first helicopter, which everyone knows is a bad sign, but her dress is to die for!

Trying to be an optimist, I told myself this was the producers trying to switch it up on us, but NOPE! Ben gave this long speech that didn’t end with him getting down on one knee.


Ben keeps saying how he still loves Jojo, which is confusing since he will be engaged to another woman in like 20 minutes. Jojo isn’t having it. She walks back to the helicopter and flies away. Bye Jojo, ILY.

Ben makes the phone call we’ve all been waiting for and it’s to Lauren B’s dad. Lauren B. arrives in helicopter two. Obviously, Ben proposes and I scream in anger.

Needless to say, I was not ok and I’m still not. JOJO IS THE BEST!

But on “After the Final Rose” Jojo assures everyone she’s good and moved on, which is good because… SHE’S THE NEXT BACHELORETTE!

Sorry Caila. Actually, I’m not sorry.

Lauren B. and Ben are doing great, but I don’t really care. Their families are super happy, which is cute I guess.

The show flew in Ben’s preacher from home just in case he wanted to get married on the live show. DUMB. Poor dude. They made him walk around carrying a bible for like three hours.

Well that’s all for now! Thanks for following along with me for the past 10 weeks.


Wellesley Lauren


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