Why I Can’t Give Up The Clogs


In case you hadn’t already noticed, Birkenstocks are coming back.

Honestly, I never knew they left because I’ve seen people wear them at school since I was in kindergarten. #privateschoolproblems

But now I’m in college and everyone has them. They’re all the rage. These comfy sandals aren’t just dominating college campuses; they’ve taken over the runway.


There is one Birkenstock style that’s missing from college campuses and runways alike: The Clog Birkenstock aka the “Boston

I know I know… they aren’t the popular choice. Trust me, my friends tell all the time how ugly my clog Birks are but I just can’t give them up! They’ve become borderline concerned about my love for this style. They even suggested they could all chip in and buy me a new pair because that’s how much I’m cramping their style.

I just can’t let my clogs go! There are two reasons why.


I’ve grown up seeing people rock the clogs. At my school they were super cool and everyone thought so. It was a big deal when you got into high school and could wear them. I remember everyone throwing a fit in 8th grade when the administration tried to tell us we couldn’t wear Birkenstocks because they were dangerous and we would slip. To which we said, you can slip in any shoe so we’re going to wear them anyway.

We did just that: wore them anyway. I’ll never forget wearing Birkenstocks with Nike crew socks and thinking I was super cool. Everyone did it so actually it was pretty freaking cool.

Yeah that’s high school me.


Now that my friends have made it such a big deal that I wear my clogs I rock them ironically. It’s funny to see them shake their heads at me when I’m walking around campus in my clogs.

In my defense some people think they’re cool. A girl in class yesterday said to me that she liked them and I thought she was kidding, but she reassured me she wasn’t. SO HA!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

All this to say, rock the clogs. They’re coming back! It’s inevitable so be ahead of the trend.

Clog On,


Wellesley Lauren

One thought on “Why I Can’t Give Up The Clogs

  1. Haha I can totally relate to the clog obsession in private school 😂 those were THE shoes! However, I do like how you styled them in your outfit and wouldn’t have ever thought about wearing them now. Glad to see someone still rocking them!


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