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Hi there!

I know you all are just absolutely torn to sheds that I’m not recapping each week’s episodes for this season of The Bachelorette, but I’m still live tweeting so you can check that out.

I still can’t tell any of these guys apart so we’ll see how this goes.

My favorite right away was Ali. Everyone I’ve told this automatically says, “But he’s a bartender.”


I really don’t care. He’s adorable. He wears red pants and can play the piano. I’m sold. Ali was cut too soon. Jojo didn’t even try to get to know him. I was devastated.

The girl that swoops him up is super lucky. I also appreciate that he stayed out of the drama because guys getting all caught up in the drama just isn’t cute.

Then there’s Evan.


This guy doesn’t even have a fighting chance.

His job is an erectile disfunction expert, which is weird but like someone has to be an expert on that I guess?

I just don’t think he’s very cute. He’s a tattle tale and is not coordinated at all. Watching him on the football date was absolutely painful. He isn’t even good for ratings so I don’t know how he’s ninjaing his way through this season.

Maybe Jojo likes dads?

Up next, James Taylor.


Kid is too sweet for his own good. It seems like Jojo has put this nice, southern boy in the friend zone. Jojo might keep him around to ask him for advice about which guys to pick.

He and Jojo had a cute swing dancing date, but I don’t think he’s the one. Great guy though. Maybe he would be a good Bachelor!

I know nothing about this next guy, but he might become a big player in the season.

Meet Robby.


As I said, I don’t remember a thing about him, but that means he’s doing a good job sliding though the cracks.

The only reason I’m bringing him up is because I follow him on Snapchat and he posts some great stuff (shirtless selfies, puppy pics, everything a girl needs). If you want to follow him he’s @robbyhayes. There’s a sloth on his story right now.

He is just so normal! Even his bio makes him seem normal. Makes sense why we know nothing about him.

I’m sympathetic to this guy because his name is my nickname.

This is Wells.


I used to go by Wellz (the z makes it cool) because I don’t understand why I should leave the e out of Welles (Wells). And if I spell it “Welles” it just looks like I was too lazy to write the “ley” so now I just like to be called Wellesley because it makes sense and my parents picked it and it gives Starbucks baristas, and everyone else a really hard time.

BUT I DIGRESS. This is Wells. He’s a little shrimp, radio DJ.

Seems like a nice guy, but I know nothing about him. His parents just picked a good name. My name is better but his is a close second.

Keep doing your thing Wells, except for wearing that jacket. Burn the jacket.

I’m not sure you’ve heard, but this next guy used to play in the NFL.

If you haven’t heard yet he will constantly remind you so you won’t be able to forget.


This is Jordan. He and Jojo have undeniable chemistry, which is fine, but you know I can’t stand obvious frontrunners (Lauren B.) THIS SHOW IS MEANT TO BE UNPREDICTABLE.

His brother played in the NFL too. You’ve probably never heard of him, but you’ve definitely heard of his brother. #sports

Things are a little rigged this season. Jordan went on a football date where he was the QB for both teams so he got to hangout with Jojo after no matter what. He won the rose that day.

Slightly related, firefighter Grant won the firefighting date (SHOCKER)

Everyone loves Jordan and I’m sitting over here upset that Ali got sent him. ILY ALI

Meet the next little idiot on this show, Daniel.


He came on the show saying some “Damn Daniel” line and then went on to explain a VIRAL video to Jojo. His job is being Canadian, which I didn’t know was a job, but ok I guess?

He’s also annoying because he’s friends with this season’s villain…



This guy is the ultimate pot stirrer. Remember how I was #TeamOlivia? Yeah, villains are my jam.

In the words of JJ, “Villains gotta vil.” So we welcome our newest villain Chad.

He’s saying what everyone’s thinking sometimes. Like that he isn’t in love with Jojo right away because that’s weird. Also he’s living proof that there is food on set.

It’s also important to note that Chad bites into sweet potatoes as if they’re candy bars. He probably prides himself on being almost like a caveman.

Sadly, Chad took his disrespect to a whole new level being psycho and threatening so he had to go home.

Don’t worry though, he’s going to paradise!

Well, that’s all I’ve got.

Keep watching and tweeting with me every week.


Wellesley Lauren

Thanks ABC for the photos I really appreciate it you are so cool and nice and awesome!


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