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Hi lovelies!

I just got back from Boulder. All you yogis are probably like OH MY GOSH DID YOU GO TO HANUMAN WAS IT SO FUN WOW THAT IS SO FUN OH MY GOSH.

I didn’t go to Hanuman.

It isn’t that I didn’t want to, it was just one of those little impromptu two day trips. Sort of.

To spare you the long story, I went to see Trevor Hall in concert. I will save all of my thoughts and love bombs about Trevor for another post, but just know I love him and you should check out his music.

The main event of Boulder was seeing Trevor Hall, but we did other things don’t worry.

Mom and I went hiking, which we hadn’t done before. We went and bought hiking boots and everything. My ears popped the entire way and it was super hot out, but we did it. Would I do it again? Um maybe. The jury is honestly still out on that.


Stopped at a lot of rocks on the way. Did a little yoga. In hindsight I probably should’ve put my hands on the higher part, but eh.


Obviously had to throw my hair up into the perfect top knot for our strenuous hike! Look at my clunky little boots. #hikingKWEEN


Lately, I’ve been super into menus. I have a lot of fixations and menus happens to be one of them. So I looked at menus for all of the eateries and this is where we ended up.


Mom and I got bowls with brown rice and veggies. Her’s had chicken with peanut sauce and mine just had pesto because duh.

Mod Market

Confession: we ate here twice. The first time we went for lunch and I saw they had waffles on the menu so we went again in the morning.

The guy working there was nice. He said he liked my mala and then proceeded to show me all four of his around his neck.

My order: Cinnamon Waffles

I ate it all. No shame at all. There should be a law that makes every breakfast place have waffles.

My order: Arugula, Tomato, Mozz Sandwich with purple potato chips

Mom ordered a sandwich too with sweet potato chips that were really good.

The only other mildly entertaining thing I did was get a vegan facial at Mud. It was possibly one of the best facials I’ve ever gotten and it wasn’t stupid expensive.


(The lady said I should post a selfie on Instagram and at the time I was like “Do you think people want to see that?” And now here I am posting it on my blog)

We did some other shopping along Pearl St. I bought the cutest shoes I will share with you later. You are going to die.

But the main event, of course, was seeing Trevor Hall. I still haven’t found the words so here’s a picture.


My heart is so full.

Post with what I packed to come.


Wellesley Lauren

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