What I Wore: Brunch

I’m in Minnesota for the weekend so I had to get brunch with the girls.

Since it was windy, I wore this little romper I ordered from Brandy Melville about a month ago.

gabriella romper
At first I was skeptical about the sizing since Brandy Melville is one size fits who they want to sell to. I went for it and was actually really happy!

The only thing I don’t like this that it wrinkles easily, which is annoying when you have to pack things in a bag.

If you’re considering ordering from there use your measurements to be sure.

The shoes are from Steve Madden’s “Freebird” line. I absolutely adore them. They are so comfortable I’ve had them on all day and I can’t complain. Also, if you get a chance check out the Freebird store on Pearl St. in Boulder!

Find the romper here

Find the shoes here

Brunch often.


Wellesley Lauren

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