2017 Planner Picks

Hi Lovelies!

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with my planner. I carry it everywhere. I would die without it. It’s perfect in every way: color coordinated, decorated with washi tape and stickers, and full of inspirational quotes for those weeks that feel impossible.

Letting go of my planner was a hard thing to do this year, but with the help of my bestie Lex I’ve found a new one that I will grow to love.

After a lot of searching I found so many cute options I figured I should share my favorites with you all! If you’re in the market for a new agenda these are some of the best.

Rifle Paper Co. Midnight Agenda


I normally don’t like planners with binding like this, but the gold foil is to die for. It’s the perfect size to throw in a purse and take everywhere. One Day at a Time Agenda


All of the planners are so fun! They’re vibrant from cover to cover. is a quirky brand so expect lots of fun inside. The agenda comes with stickers, crazy art and a quote every month. The only thing I don’t like is that the days don’t have lines to write on and I can’t write in a straight line. That might be a personal issue, but it should be considered.

Corie Clark Purposeful Planner


This is Lex’s planner for the year! I helped her pick between the designs. This planner is super detailed. It gives you a space for every hour of the day. As if that wasn’t enough you can use it to track how much water you’re drinking, daily goals, prayer topics, and just word vomit. Corie thought of everything! GO CORIE! If you’re detail-oriented you need this.

1canoe2 Wise Words Planner



This planner is just like any other really, but the lettering in it is to die for! If you don’t have much to write every day this planner would be great for you since there isn’t much room to write on the day-by-day breakdown.

Day Designer Planner


The set up of this planner is similar to the Corie Clark Purposeful Planner. It is very detail oriented. The Day Designer is broken down by hour and has a space for daily gratitude, a long to-do list, and a dinner menu! This planner doesn’t skip a beat.

And in case you’re wondering, here’s my planner for this year:


It’s from Rifle Paper Co. and I’m in love. It’s almost exactly like my planner from last year because change is hard. I will post a break down of how I organize my planner soon.

Stay Tuned!


Wellesley Lauren

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