Food Finds: Spin Pizza

Hi Lovelies!

My mom hasn’t stopped talking about this pizza spot she and her gal pals hit up for like a month so I had to check it out. I took Brett with me because he was in town and we occasionally try new things.

Mom was right, as she always is, Spin Pizza is delicious!

I’ve never been to a pizza place with vegetarian options beyond a margherita or cheese pizza. I had no idea what to order.

My Order: Pomodoro Mini Mia on original crust with olive oil sauce + Sonoma salad


This was to die for and just the right amount of food!

Brett’s Order: BBQ Di Pollo + Pineapple Pizza and some local Benson cherry beer


He loved the pizza, but said he probably would try a different beer next time.

Brett and I agreed the location doesn’t really fit the food, but look at you Papillion being all cool and stuff. Even though it’s annoying driving 25 minutes to get pizza and a salad, I’d do it for Spin.


Wellesley Lauren


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