Stacks on Stacks

bracelet Stacking bracelets has become my jam. It’s like a puzzle figuring out what looks best together, what order things should go in, etc.

A few weeks ago I became a college rep for The Shine Project, which has made my stacking game even stronger.

I’ll let you in on some of my stacking secrets and where I get my favorite stackable bracelets!

[Stack from The Shine Project]

I like my stacks to have 3-4 pieces. The number depends on how wide each bracelet is. I try to use a mix of widths to keep things fun and interesting.

My favorite places to get bracelets for my stacks are: Alex and Ani, Mantra Band, Silver and Sage, and The Shine Project (duh).

Here are some of my GOAT stacks:

[All bracelets are from The Shine Project]

It’s fun to mix charm bracelets with stone bracelets. Mix textures too!

[photo courtesy of Mantra Band]

Mantra Band has nice skinny bracelets to add to your stack! They’re good daily inspiration too. My Mantra Bands say “I Am Loved” and “wanderlust” and I absolutely adore them.

[The Shine Project/ Alex and Ani / Michael Kors]

I know rose gold Michael Kors watches are so basic but I don’t even care. Add a watch to your stack!

Alex and Ani also has charm bracelets but this one is my favorite because it lays still on my wrist and also AXiD.

This last thing I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a yogi or what but I love adding malls to my stacks. They can be really wide and take up a lot of room. I set intentions on them so, like the mantra bands, they serve as a reminder on my wrist.

[Silver and Sage / Mantra Band / Bali Malas]

If you’d like to purchase anything from The Shine Project go to their website or I can order it for you. Your purchase employs inner-city youth that are trying to pay for college.

Start Stacking!


Wellesley Lauren

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