Where I’ve Been

Hi lovelies,

Yes, I’m still here! Life has been hectic because that’s just how it goes.

I’ve been transitioning back into life in Lincoln. I figured I’d give you a quick little update on what I’ve been doing!

Acro Yoga


I had to say goodbye to my acro friends before heading back to school in Lincoln and my heart broke. To see more acro stuff I’ve been doing check out my yoga Instagram @wellesleydoesyoga

Recruitment Week

We spent a week eating cold sandwiches and not getting much sleep, but we welcomed home 60 new members to Alpha Xi Delta. MY HEART IS SO HAPPY!!!

I knew Cady was an Alpha Xi the moment we met. Naturally, I jumped into her arms because what else do you do when you’re really excited?

Eating Macaroons

There are few perks to being back in Lincoln, and one of them is Goldenrod Pastries.

Life has been great, but I’m back and can’t wait to regularly post again.

Until then… xx,

Wellesley Lauren

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