Monday Mantra

Happy Monday Lovelies!

It’s a new week so it’s time for me to share another mantra with you.

This Week’s Mantra:


If you were in my 4:30 hot power class yesterday I tipped you off that this was coming.

My intention for this week is to live bigger. That can be a vague thing to say, but what I mean is I don’t want to live out of fear of being too loud or bold or whatever.

For me, living big comes into a lot of places in my life. Part of it is raising my hand in class, which I hate. Sometimes it means taking up a little more space or speaking my mind.

Then I realize the reason I’m not already living big in all aspects of my life is out of fear, fear of being wrong or taking up too much space or someone disagreeing with me. But those things happen. Sometimes I raise my hand and I’m wrong or some disagrees with me.

Fear is natural. It happens. But this week let’s recognize when fear is holding us back from living bigger in our lives.


Wellesley Lauren

Featured Photo by: Peter Barnes


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