What Happened When I Meditated for 30 Days

Hi lovelies!

If you know me in real life, you’re probably quite aware that yoga is a very important part of my life. My yoga practice introduced me to meditation.

The word meditation was automatically a big scary word to me. At first, I thought it went hand-in-hand with levitating (sadly it doesn’t). But seriously, the thought of sitting still for an hour was terrifying.

During my yoga teacher training experience I started trying to incorporate meditation in my daily life, but it came and went in phases and didn’t really stick. Then, I went to what ended up being a THREE HOUR meditation workshop where we didn’t learn about meditation just did it. We did six 30 minute sits.

In the first sit, all I could think about was how asleep my legs were, ways to escape and “OH MY GOSH I CANNOT DO THIS.”

By the second 30 minutes, I decided to accept the situation and just count my breaths until it was over. Eventually, this got easier. Yes, my legs were still asleep, but I stopped fighting the reality of my situation.

From that point, I realized, “Hey! I totally can meditate.”

At the end of this September, I got an email saying Mala Collective was doing a 30 day meditation challenge. It seemed to come at the perfect time since I was pageant prepping and could really stand to chill and take a brain break. I signed up.

Each day there was a different guided meditation to take part in. Many of these meditations were mantra based. The first week, I felt so good and in control of my life. After a great first week, week two was a breeze. I noticed I felt better and had a more clear mind to make tough decisions.

Week three was tough. I had just won the title of Miss Omaha 2017 and I was all over the place. I stopped taking time to meditate and my life really showed it. I was reacting quickly to everything without much time to think. I was overwhelmed and felt lost.

The next week, I decided I needed to get back to what matters: morning Bible readings, journaling, mid day meditation and nightly devotionals. Then, suddenly, things started to fall more into place. I was back in alignment.

This isn’t to say that meditation will save your life and solve all of your problems, but it has offered me a new perspective and reminds me daily to just step back.

So take five minutes and sit. Silence your phone, close your eyes, get comfy and breathe.


Wellesley Lauren

To sign up for Mala Collective’s 30-day challenge click HERE

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