Back to Basics: Denim on Denim

Hi lovelies!

Minimalism is taking the world by storm. I’m not currently practicing minimalism by any means, but I love the ideas that come with it. It’s a good reminder for me to keep it simple.

A yoga student come up to me after class to tell me she’s working on becoming a minimalist and donated all of her clothes except 33 pieces. I was blown away!

This got me thinking how to simplify my look. If you know me you know my goal is to have a wardrobe that I can still wear in 20 years and everyone will think it’s normal. Think classic.

This “back to basics” series is meant to give you ideas of how to mix and match basics.

All of these outfits have a base of dark jeans and a white tank. I’ve paired the looks with my go-to brown winter boots.


Photo by Shane Anderson

On top, I threw a chambray button down over the white tank. I’m super into the denim-on-denim look right now. I have no idea why, but it works. If you don’t have a chambray shirt, try a jean jacket!


Photo by Shane Anderson

I’m not bold enough to rock the same wash together so I like to pair a dark and light wash.

The thing I love most about this is you can find these pieces anywhere at any price. I’ve still tagged where I specifically gotten these pieces, but they aren’t hard to find.


Photo by Shane Anderson

The message this week is to keep it simple! I can’t wait to show you more back-to-basic looks next week.


Wellesley Lauren

P.S. If you’re loving Shane’s photography, which why wouldn’t you, check him out on Instagram: @thatstylishnerd

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