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Local Loves Wall

Hi Lovelies!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen my walls of canvases and prints. I often get asked where all of the pieces of my “gallery wall” are from.

Over the summer, I had the idea to make a wall in my room full of things that I love and local art. As I roamed through little shops in Omaha and Lincoln, and browsed through craft shows I found these pieces that I absolutely adore.

This wall is mildly misleading to people who don’t know me because there are things about exploring and having wanderlust. I’m a total homebody and afraid of planes. #fake


Explore Banner by Stubborn Dog Artwork

I am in love with the watercolor mountain paintings from Stubborn Dog Artwork. They have some funny prints too! I don’t explore much, but I do like to occasionally roam. Does that count?

Quote Prints by Pleasant Avenue Paper Company img_7865

If you’re looking for a quote print, Courtney is amazing and super speedy! She’s located in Omaha and will make custom prints for you too.

A few weeks ago she posted a print that said “nevertheless she persisted” and I knew I needed it. Courtney was great about making the print match the others I have in my collection.


Gotta have a little ~*~wall inspo*~*  right?!

Planter by Earthen Joy and Plant from Stella


I met Joy of Earthen Joy at two shows and waited to find the perfect planter. This is also misleading because you might be thinking wow she loves plants. I don’t. I can’t keep anything green alive for the life of me, but this planter was too cute to pass up.

For a long time I left the planter empty, but it looked lonely on my wall so I started actively seeking a plant to fill it. I needed it to be thin and adorable. Courtney (of Pleasant Avenue Paper Co.) actually led me to Stella/Loft + Craft here in Lincoln to find this adorable air plant. So far I’ve kept it alive because the maintenance is easy. I’m now a proud plant mom, which makes my boyfriend cringe.

Wanderlust World Map by Lovewell Lettering


This was an impulse buy at Love the Locals in Lincoln. Once again, I don’t have wanderlust, but the map was cool. There is an option to get a USA map too!

As far as the canvases go, my friend Natalie had a friend make the pink one for me. She lives in Kentucky and I miss her daily so naturally that needed a space on my wall.

The other photo prints are from either Snapfish or Walgreens. Both companies have deals and promo codes constantly.

Curating this gallery wall allowed me to express my creativity in a new way. Meeting so many cool local artists was inspiring and made me wish I was way more artistic. Be on the look out for craft fairs and shows in your area! You never know what you might find.


Wellesley Lauren

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