What I Wore: Easter


Happy Easter, lovelies!

This year for Easter, Brett surprised me at church… well tried to. I accidentally overslept and missed it. Oops.

Nevertheless, it was a great day. We had lunch with my mom, went to my grandparents, and convinced my mom to set up an Easter egg hunt for us. The hunt got super competitive, but we ended up both finding nine eggs so there wasn’t really a winner.


Earlier this week my mom told me about Victoria Beckham’s new line for Target and showed me some tops she bought. Naturally, I went and got one of the tops she had because I couldn’t resist.


If you haven’t been to Target lately and seen this line I’d highly recommend it. The looks are sleek and timeless. I told Brett today that I will probably be wearing this top forever so he should get used to it.

I will do a post about the entire line later this week and show you some of my favorite looks so keep an eye out for that.


But until then, check out this gingham top. I’m a sucker for gingham and I have no idea why honestly, maybe because it’s fun to say?

As per usual I kept this look pretty simple with white jeans and clogs (obviously). You could easily pair this top with a colored pant, boots and a cute jacket if the weather is a little cooler too.


Gingham Top / White Jeans / Clogs

Have a great Easter!


Wellesley Lauren




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