Beauty Breakdown: Minty Face Mask

Hi Lovelies!

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with face masks. Truly, they are the only beauty product I can fully get behind. After all three of my Herbivore Botanicals face masks ran out I was in a hurry to find a quality replacement.

Naturally, I went to Lush first because I trust their products and have used two of their face masks before, Dark Angels and Don’t Look at Me.

After trying a few masks on my hand, which I’ve never understood the point of because they all make your hand soft so that is not helpful. I decided on Mask of Magnaminty.


I needed a good cleansing mask to keep my skin fresh after all of the makeup I’ve been wearing for Miss Nebraska. I love this mask, in fact I ran out and went to buy another, which I almost never do! It’s gritty, which is a requirement for me in a good cleansing mask, and smells like mint.


I can really feel the mask cooling my face. It also leaves a tingly feeling, which is another quality I look for in a mask. Not only that, but I can see results.

I apply this mask every night before bed for about 10 minutes. My face feels fresh and clean after every use.

Also note, this can be used on your entire body, not just your face. I’ve used it on my back in the shower. It doesn’t work quite as well as it does on my face, but it’s still a good cleanser.


Please enjoy this selfie that makes me look like an alien. You’re welcome.


Wellesley Lauren

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