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She Reads Truth Bible

Hi Lovelies!

I’ve been using SRT as a resource for my faith since I left for college. I downloaded their app, which is amazing. It’s full of quotes you can set as the lock screen on your device, multiple Bible translations, and free devotionals.

When She Reads Truth announced they were releasing a Bible I called my mom and insisted I get one on the release date. When that day in April rolled around I called every single bookstore to find it, but there was nothing.

My poor mom was probably so tired of hearing me complain she put us on a list at Parables to receive the She Reads Truth Bible as soon as it arrived in Omaha.


I know it seems silly, but this book has helped me really dive into my faith in a new way. It’s been a great tool to study with. I feel like I don’t need a book or app to supplement it thanks to all of the super cool features it has.


Each book has an opening page with a hand-lettered key verse and some background on the book itself.


One of my favorite parts is the reading guide for each chapter. It gives suggestions of what to read each day and chapters from other books that relate and help you “go deeper” into the word.


As if that isn’t enough, within the chapters are mini devotionals. For me, SRT has the best, most thought provoking devos and having them right next to the text makes studying so easy.

Yes, I still buy other books to read and use as resources, but I’m really enjoying everything that is already inside of the SRT Bible.

I seriously sit in bed and flip through the pages of this Bible and study. I’ve never done that before. Maybe it’s because that is where I am at in my life, but the SRT Bible has really helped me make sense of what I’m reading.


If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, drop what you’re doing. I love this light grey color, but you can get orange linen too. My mom got the leather option and loves that as well. All are available online and in Barnes and Nobles, Christian bookstores, etc.

But the binding has really nothing to do with it. This is a great resource and I can’t wait to continue using it to explore and learn.


Wellesley Lauren

For more info about the She Reads Truth Bible head to

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