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Bachelor Recap: Do You Know How Old I Am?

WHAT A WEEK, BACHELOR NATION! We finally get to watch Arie react to finding out Bekah is 22. But, there’s some ground to cover before we get there.

First, Seinne gets a one-on-one. I love that girl, but the face that her name breaks the whole ‘i’ before ‘e’ thing is ruining my life. I spelled her name wrong on Instagram and Twitter, but surprisingly didn’t get trashed for it.

The one-on-one goes well and Arie is obviously intrigued by Seinne, which like same. She’s gorgeous, smart, level-headed so basically #goals. This is what Arie needs, but she’s sadly too good for him. There are many takes out there that Arie and Seinne is like Nick and Rachel. Agree? Disagree?

Regardless, I’m shipping Seinne and Peter and it seems like Rachel is on a similar-ish page. Seinne for Bachelorette, anyone?

Here’s hoping at the end of her love story Seinne picks someone infinitely better than Bryan though.

Seinne talks about how she’s not obsessed with a fairytale because she’s never seen a story in books with a girl like her (PREACH) and her parents don’t have a perfect relationship either. Obviously, Seinne’s beauty and intellect earn her a rose and a slow dance with Arie on a platform at some concert. Talk about worst prize ever.

Next up is a group date with 13 girls, which begs the question why every girl got a date this week. That is too much. Let some girls stay at home in their PJs and talk trash, ABC!

The girls watch Arie drink his pee and they are supposed to drink theirs. They eat bugs and get lost going hiking. Once again, not my dream date. I’ll take the hike, but can you leave the bugs and pee out of it? Ew. At least it all ends with this season’s first….HOT TUB!

bachelor outdoor date.png

Fast forward to the drama because that’s what we are all here for. While Krystal talks whispers to Arie in the hot tub, Tia and Caroline make faces at Krystal. Apparently this throws Krystal off so much she thinks the girls are insecure and bullying her and tattles to Arie. Arie does not care. Arie cannot handle feelings. Arie wakes up with the sun and wears cardigans. He would rather rub girl’s collarbones than talk about your drama, Krystal.

Krystal then confronts Tia and Caroline who really don’t care about Krystal’s feelings at all. Tia then swoops in and talks to Arie, which earns her the date rose leaving Krystal sad and scared that Arie loves her less than his other girlfriends.

Now is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Bekah goes horseback riding with Arie, which begs the question do you have to know how to ride a horse to go on this show? There is never like an instructor to teach them, the producers are just like get on that horse and smile and giggle.

Arie talks about his broken collarbone from racing, which reminds everyone that Arie was a not very good racer back in the day. They talk about their feelings and then go to dinner, which is where this date gets good.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 12.40.52 PM

In the middle of a conversation Bekah looks at Arie and says, “Do you know how old I am?” Arie has this creepy, confused, nervous smile on his face an repeatedly asks how old she is. Eventually, she says 22. Arie’s mind is blown. You can see it on his face he’s doing the math. That’s at 14 year age difference. She just graduated from college.

Arie then talks about all the shenanigans he was getting into at age 22 and compares it to his time now of “waking up with the sun,” “going to bed early,” and “wearing cardigans.” He wonders if Bekah is ready for that, he is looking for a wife after all.

Bekah explains her family members also married young and that she’s never been in love before, BUT she knows love is scary so if Arie’s scared that’s ok he’s doing it right. Somehow Bekah talks her way into getting a rose. LITERALLY HOW!? That was your only out, Arie, but okay whatever.

It’s now time for the rose ceremony and there’s no cocktail party. Krystal is freaking out so asks to talk to Arie as he picks up the first word. They go off and she whispers who knows what to him. The girls sit down and take their shoes off while they wait (MOOD).

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 12.47.59 PM.png

Eventually, Arie comes back and keeps the weirdest girls and sends home great ones. His final rose goes to Krystal who breathes a sigh of relief and whispers that she will obviously accept his rose. This show is trash. I question why I watch it, but you know I’ll be back next week. It’s a habit I can’t quit.

Also mood, Caroline taking her shoes off immediately after being sent home.

caroline shoes.png

Who Got the Boot:

Brittany T and Caroline

My Favorites:

Seinne and Tia

My Least Favorites:

Ashley, Marik and Jacqueline WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?!

You can watch the full episode here.

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