Beauty Breakdown: Blueberry Cleansing Mask

Hi Lovelies!

I haven’t posted new beauty products on here in awhile mostly because I’ve been using my ol’ tried and true Herbivore Botanicals face masks.

Thanks to a little present from Brett, I got a new face mask from Lush that I thought I should review for you.

You know I love Lush’s products. I’ve tried the Mask of Magnaminty, Dark Angels and Don’t Look at Me. Not a single one has disappointed and they’re made with good ingredients!!

This time I was looking for something that was more cleansing so I went with the self-preserving Catastrophe Cosmetic.

I liked this one out of the bunch because it doesn’t smell bad. Lush has some nasty smelling masks, and while I’m sure they look great I can’t handle a stinky mask.

This blueberry scented mask is pretty thick to put on. It has a cakey texture that makes it a little challenging to spread.

I keep it on for about 10-15 minutes while it hardens. It’s a bit of a pest to remove so I splash water on my face and massage it in, then take a wet towel to my face twice. Sometimes it leaves a blue film on your skin, so just wash again and make sure to get around your nose and hairline really well.

Overall, it’s a very soothing mask, but it isn’t great for my skin type. Normally my skin can handle just about anything, but for some reason this doesn’t agree with me too well. I’m so bummed about it because I love the scent and it leaves my skin feeling so soft right after use. I also wish it was easier to wash off.

So maybe this isn’t my favorite Lush mask because it broke me out, but it’s a good one if it will agree with your skin!

If you have ideas of what beauty products I should try next let me know! I really want to try Glossier’s new Solution.


Wellesley Lauren

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