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Bachelor Recap: Wine, Pasta and Roses

Arie and the ladies are in Italy. Arie is excited to drink wine and eat pasta! Chris Harrison appears and explains there will be three one-on-one dates and a group date. Let the crying begin!

Arie gives the first one-on-one to Becca from Minnesota. I’ve loved her from the get go because she’s just normal. Arie is taking her on a chill date in a smaller town outside of Tuscany. They go on a cute picnic with food they find around the town. This is basically my dream date (@Brett if you’re reading this).

At dinner Becca tells Arie she’s falling in love with him and that she’d happily introduce him to her family. Arie gives her a rose!


I don’t even like Arie, but I really like Becca and it seems like they can handle real life together, which is the end goal. Well that an selling Diffeyewear, but doing real life with someone is a goal too.

Back at the hotel Jacqueline is crying. Mind you Jacqueline was one of the background girls who kept getting roses and everyone was like uh who until she got a one-on-one date last week. She isn’t sure about Arie and him meeting her parents. She’s spiraling. It’s just the Bachelor, dude. Relax.

Lauren gets the next date card. The girls are a little jealous since she had a one-on-one the week before.

Before Lauren and Arie’s date, Jacqueline goes to talk to Arie. He has a mansion with a pool in her head right now. If I were her I would just chill and be happy I got this much TV time. She says she isn’t confident enough in their relationship for hometowns so she sends herself home, but gets one last makeout sesh first.

Arie seems actually sad Jacque is leaving and I don’t understand why, but ok? Get off my TV, Jacque, you should’ve left episodes ago.

Arie and Lauren start their date on a bike ride where Arie shows his sick bike tricks. He might be a better biker than race car driver!! Lauren and Arie spend another date walking around in (mostly) silence until they sit down and talk about her ex again. Then some *~*random*~~ kids kick a soccer ball their direction and Arie suggests they join the kids game. Wow. Where did these kids who obviously have never heard of stranger danger come from!? What timing!!!

Arie is desperate for Lauren to open up and if she doesn’t there’s no way she gets a hometown. When she does admit that she’s feeling some kind of way he gets up and stands pensively amongst the trees. Like dang Arie she opens up one time and you make it weird!?

When he gets back he gives her a rose and says he’s falling for her. I’m so confused and nervous. If he gives Lauren who is basically a walking brick wall a rose then there are only two left.

The last one-on-one goes to my girl Seinne. This is proof Arie isn’t stupid because he is aware Seinne is a total catch and way too good for him. Seinne better get a rose. The group date is nothing but fan favorites (Kendall, Bekah and Tia) so he better not save two roses for them.

Seinne and Arie go truffle hunting. The happy truffle-hunting puppers truly steal the show. The puppers’ family is asking Arie and Seinne the hard questions about love and their relationship before they eat lunch together.

Arie and Seinne eat again (???) and he asks if she’s ready for him to meet her family. She says yes and then there’s a long awkward pause. DO NOT DO THIS TO ME, ARIE!!! He did it. He didn’t give her a rose. Boring Lauren who doesn’t say more than five sentences to him gets a rose, but Seinne doesn’t. She was too good for him anyway. I don’t even want to watch the rest of this episode, but I will.

Bekah, Kendall and Tia go on their group date. Bekah talks about how excited she is to take Arie home and see her family. Oh ya Bekah? What are you going to tell them? “Hi this is Arie. I met him on the pot farm.”

Kendall and Arie plan forever. She says she’d move for him. Kendall has a cool job though so maybe don’t move for Arie who is a total squid.

Meanwhile Bekah opens up to Tia about how she misses home and the people there. Tia feels like Bekah isn’t really in it and tells Arie who doesn’t want to talk about it. Bekah feels so hurt everyone because people don’t think she’s ready. But like what 22-year-old is ready to marry a guy they’ve known for two months on a tv show? I feel like this show is supposed to be one of your last resorts for love. The last resort of course being paradise.

Bekah proves she’s not that young because she’s getting white hairs!!! That makes you ready for marriage.

It’s time to hand out the two roses. Kendall gets the first rose! Which leaves Bekah and Tia to duke it out over dinner. The tensions are high, but Tia gets the rose.

Who Got the Boot:

Seinne and Bekah

My Favorite:


My Least Favorite:

Arie because he sent home Seinne

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