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The Most Delayed Bachelor Recap of All Time

Ok I’m the worst. Between getting ready for New York and being in New York Bachelor episode six recap never really happened.

So here’s a short reminder about what happened ICYMI or need a refresher!

1. Lauren got a date. It was awkward. They didn’t talk the whole time until dinner when she only opened up about her ex at the very end. If she hadn’t told that story she wouldn’t have gotten a rose.

2. Group date. Becca got the rose, which Seinne reacted to perfectly with her face of disgust.

3. Krystal and Kendall go on a two on one. Kendall schools Krystal on how to be a good person and love yourself. Krystal finally goes home. The crowd cheers.

4. Jacqueline (wait, who?) gets a one on one. I should’ve known if Arie was going to take a girl who no one knows on a date he has to give her a rose. If he wanted her gone a rose ceremony is a way more low-key, less savage way to cut someone.

Chelsea, Krystal and Jenna get the boot.

I promise not to miss another week. Please still love me.

If you want more thoughts check out my Instagram story highlights for Brett and myself talking Bach.

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