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The Basic Girl’s Guide to New York City

Hi Lovelies!

If you know me outside of this blog then you’re probably aware I’m pretty basic. I post all the cool food I eat on my Instagram stories, I live tweet The Bachelor every week and document essentially my entire life on social media. I’m more likely to be found at the new, trendy spot rather than a hole-in-the-wall. I’m not ashamed of this. Really, I’m owning it.

With all that said, I just got back from a trip to New York City with the AAF’s other Most Promising Multicultural Student awardees. The program was fun, but doing the basic IG girl stuff was really fun.

I was very excited to try dō because I love cookie dough, but it wasn’t that good. I couldn’t eat more than a few bites because it is so sugary. I wanted it to taste like real cookie dough, but it didn’t. It tasted fake and left a lot to be desired. At least the shop was cute!

By Chloe.

This was my vegetarian dream. Fast food where you can get anything on the menu. So blessed. I got the guac burger, sweet potato fries and chocolate chip cookie. It was so good I went back and got it AGAIN.

The Met

Obviously you have to go to the Met. Not because Gossip Girl is amazing, which is true, but because the art and history within the museum is amazing. You can spend a whole day there and still have so much left to see.


The Ladurée hype completely makes sense now. These were the best macaroons I’ve ever tasted. The flavors were bold and tasted like you were actually eating a coconut cream pie or blackberry without feeling fake. Delish!


I’ve had Sugarfina candies before because you can order them online, but I wanted the full store experience. I have to say their candy is a bit overrated, but the rosé gummy bears are amazing.


Publicis Group gave our group tickets to Lion King, which was a total win since it’s my favorite musical and it did not disappoint. If you haven’t seen Lion King on Broadway go right now.

Let me know some of your other favorite things to do in New York!


Wellesley Lauren

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