Is The Bachelor Franchise Dying?

Hey lovelies,

I hope you’re enjoying Becca’s season. I’ve been chatting about it on Instagram with Brett (and a few other pals occasionally). Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, it’s boring.

We have zero drama and we also aren’t learning much about the guys. All the info I’m getting about these guys is from Reddit and E! If the best storyline is a childish feud between a chicken and a male model, we’re in trouble.

Thus this question I’ve been asked a few times: Is The Bachelor franchise going downhill? In short, no. I mean haven’t you watched paradise? That stuff is amazing!! Honestly, waiting on my paradise invite.

Are the dates getting worse? Yes. Throwback to these crazy twenty and thirty somethings running around a new city in Europe every week. That was quality. Now we have what, UTAH!? And vampire Jason pretended that was going to be fun. You know what’s fun? Thailand! Take me there, producers.

Here’s my hunch about why this season has been so boring: the producers actually want Becca to find love. Of course these guys will willingly promote MVMT watches and DiffEyewear, but there are some actually normal dudes that you could marry.

But here’s the thing, I no longer care if the couple at the end of this gets married. I don’t expect it. I’d much rather watch some guys trying to Alpha eachother every Monday night for two hours than watch a happy love story.

So no, The Bachelor isn’t going downhill, they’re just working with a smaller budget and the producers actually have a heart so they want Becca to not get her heart ripped out on national TV twice.

Here’s hoping someone does something to spice this season up soon because I’m bored.


Wellesley Lauren

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