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Local Loves: Exist Green

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Lately, I’ve been switching up a lot of my products to more natural, eco-friendly options. It’s been a big switch, and sometimes a pricey one, but I’ve found some really good stuff along the way.  I’m allowing myself to make this transition slow, and giving myself a lot of grace for when the natural solution just doesn’t cut it.

Yesterday, I found a new little shop in Dundee that’s doing it’s part to create a plastic-free Omaha. Exist Green has been open for seven weeks, and is quite an operation. This bulk grocery/eco-boutique contains zero plastic. How crazy is that?!

Exist Green Omaha

I have to be honest, I was a little overwhelmed at first. There’s a lot of glass in the shop, and I didn’t want to break anything. They have also have a very specific process.

I came into the store with my reusable produce bags [Target] and Mason jars I keep around my kitchen so I was ready to go. If you don’t have these products, they have plenty of paper sacks for you to use or glass and cloth storage containers for you to purchase. Bringing your own containers gets you a discount too!

Exist Green Omaha

I started pretty small with my haul since I just moved into a new place, and am trying to determine what I actually need.

I picked up kale and sunflower seeds to make this very specific salad I’ve been craving. I also got oats to make oatmeal in the morning. Exist Green is stocked with everything, and I plan to go back once I have a better idea of what I actually will use.

Exist Green Omaha

Their “eco boutique” side of the store has so a variety of soaps, beauty products, jewelry and more. On that side of the store, I grabbed soap nuts, which can be used as laundry detergent. I also got their “scarred” face mask that I can’t wait to try mixed with apple cider vinegar.

Exist Green Omaha

Most of the products were a good price. Especially the face mask, soap nuts and kale. The oats and seeds were a bit pricier, so I’ll definitely be more conscious of that next time. I spent $13 total.

I can’t wait to stop into Exist Green again. They literally have it all, and I’m excited to have this local shop that can help me reduce my waste!

Exist Green Omaha

Are you on the eliminating plastic trend? Send me your tips!


Wellesley Lauren

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