My New Apartment Tour

Hi Lovelies,

I moved out of my mom’s place to my first apartment earlier this month. My mom is my favorite roommate I’ve ever had so moving out has been weird, but I’m enjoying this attempt at adulthood.

Of course, I moved into an apartment with a pink door! The building used to be a hotel, and I love the old finishes combined with modern updates.

Move in day went smoothly with the help of a few friends and family. I’ve saged every inch and warmed my new apartment with a sip + see! I’m thankful for all the friends who have shared their energy with my new space.

Now, I’ll share it with you! Starting with the living room:

Many of these pieces I’ve been collecting over the last year while living with my mom. I collected so many West Elm, Pottery Barn, etc. points the worker told me I had the biggest store reward she’d ever seen. I was a healthy mix of proud and embarrassed to find that out.

Here are the piece details:

Leather Couch [West Elm], Coffee Table [West Elm], Throw [Anthropologie], Pillows [Target 1+2], Pink Sittee [Rush Market], Lumbar Pillow [Pottery Barn], Mirror [At Home], Bookshelf [Birch Lane], Rug [Target]

This couch is so comfy! I’ve napped on it so many time already. I basically live on the couch.

Here are details from in front of the couch:

Coffee Table [West Elm], TV Console [West Elm], Basket [Target], Pillow [TJ Maxx], White Vase [Hobby Lobby], Plant and Planter [Mulhalls]

I tried to be very intentional about everything I purchased for my apartment. I want these pieces to last forever so I made sure the quality on everything would last.

I sent Brett basically every piece of furniture before buying it to make sure he liked it too since one day he will have to live with it! He approves of everything, and is working really hard to not spill on all the white.

I did basically nothing to the kitchen, because I don’t like cluttered counters. Everything has a home in a cabinet, but there are a few little touches.

I’m growing some of my own herbs (basil, oregano and rosemary), so those are in the window sill. Fake succulent magnets from Target last year, a candle and gifted cookbook are basically it!

I set my bedroom up basically how it was at my mom’s, which has been nice to have a familiar look in a new place.

Bed [West Elm], Bedding [Anthropologie], Dresser [Nebraska Furniture Mart], Knobs [Anthropologie], Lamp [Target]

Mirror [Target], Fake Plant + Planter [Mulhalls]

My bathroom is less than exciting, but I do love these little details!

I saw this sign on Etsy and figured I could make it myself so I did! Put it in a Target frame and tada.

I got these glass containers in the Target dollar spot and the plant I randomly found last year. I use the wood and colorful box to store bobby pins, hair ties, safety pins, etc.

So I’m successfully adulting. I’m alive, I’m making food, it’s great!

I hope you enjoyed checking out my new little adventure! I think I wanted to move out just to decorate. So, now what?


Wellesley Lauren

One thought on “My New Apartment Tour

  1. Your apartment looks great. It is so clean, comfortable and uncluttered. Give yourself a little time to get used to it all, and then it is time for s party. Hope you have lots of security there. I can tell you are beyond excited to have your own place, so I am praying that it will be a place of rest, calm, and fun!!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ™

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