Bachelor Recap: Smackdown In Paradise

Hi lovelies,

Last night’s episode picked right up with Jordan and Christian going at it again. The models have been feuding since their Men Tell All, and it’s trickled into paradise a year later.

Jordan interrupts Christian’s time with Nicole by taking down the pinata. This really bothers Christian for some reason and the two start to fight. Jordan goes full WWE Smackdown and body slams Christian. It was a clean slam; I didn’t know Jordan had that in him!

Christian tries to fight back only to be restrained by the crew and security. Both are sent home, and I miss Jordan already.

Oh and now that that’s over, it’s time for a rose ceremony. It always seems like everyone waits for the last minute to try to pair off and get a rose. They’re spending every waking moment together, how are you not playing the long game all week to get a rose?

At the beginning of the rose ceremony, Onyeka asks to speak to the group for a moment and sends herself home. She hasn’t been jiving with anyone on the beach. If you ask me, it’s pretty selfish to not just give a guy a rose then leave.

Now the actual ceremony can begin.

Some roses are obvious: Katie and Chris, Caelynn and Dean, Demi and Derek, Nicole and Clay

Some are random or new: Sydney and Mike, Tayisha and JPJ

Then for some dramatic shock value Hannah finally makes a decision and chooses Dylan. Everyone’s all smiles and singing “ding dong the witch is dead,” but Kristina gives the final rose of the night to Blake.

Kristina is doing this because she’s an evil producer plant and a snake who wants to watch Blake suffer. Sadly this means my boy Wills has once again been underappreciated in paradise. Cam and Kevin are leaving too.

The next day, Kristina’s wish comes true. Blake is moping around the beach really bringing down the paradise vibe. Thankfully, Caitlin comes in and asks Blake on a date. She too met Blake at Stagecoach!!! On their yoga date, he shares his Stagecoach and paradise escapades with her and she doesn’t seem to mind so it seems these two have really hit it off.

Then, Hannah Brown rolls up in paradise. Everyone is confused what she’s doing there, and she clears it up pretty quickly by asking for a chat with Demi. Demi confided in her about her girlfriend before coming to paradise so Hannah is here to check on her.

It seems to be time for Derek and Demi to have a conversation. More on that tonight!


Wellesley Lauren

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