Bachelor Recap: Popping Bottles

Hi lovelies,

I’m keeping this one short because only three actually important things happened on this week’s episode of The Bachelor.

1. Hannah Brown is off my TV for good

Last week, Hannah Brown interrupted Peter’s “quest for love” not once, but twice. I barely liked Hannah as the bachelorette so I don’t need to see her again on my TV for a very long time.

Peter did offer her a spot to stay on his season, but Hannah left. As she should. Doesn’t she have Pilot Pete’s number? This could’ve been handled over text, but thanks producers.ย 

2. Champagne Gate

Kelsey brought a special bottle all the way from… Des Moines, Iowa… that she wanted to share with Peter. I’m guessing it was a $6 bottle of Andre from HyVee. Well, Kelsey is pretty dumb and left the bottle unattended so Hannah Ann popped the bottle with Pete. Cue HOURS of Kelsey crying.

Hannah Ann wasn’t being vindictive in this moment, but I have no doubt that she can be pretty mean. Kelsey will not let this go.

Things seem to be turning around when Pete finds a bottle for them to open together. Kelsey insists on being a ~cool girl~ and drinking straight out of the bottle. Then this happens…


And now it’s a meme…

3. The REVOLVE fashion show

Every girl on this show wants brand deals. You can’t convince me otherwise. But can you blame them? There’s a 1/29 chance you get a husband so you might as well find a way to make some $$$ after the show.

Well the online store REVOLVE has decided to vet these girls now to see who can be one of their influencers with a fashion show. Former Sonic model Hannah Ann wins, but shy Victoria comes out of her shell by walking the runway in lingerie. Very bold move.

Pete was down with it and gave Victoria a rose, and I’m team Victoria. She seems sweet, but I hope she gets more secure because it’s pretty cringe to watch.

Who got sent home: Courtney, Lauren (this actually breaks my heart) and Payton

Did I miss one of your favorite moments from this week? Let me know!


Wellesley Lauren

All photos are from ABC and not owned by me. Thx ABC!!

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