Bachelor Recap: Pageant Patty


Hi lovelies,

It’s week three of The Bachelor and I’m still confused how this season is good with a lead as normal (read: boring) as Peter. Peter is a guy I’ve seen a million times. If he were in Omaha he would probably go to Sullivans and Social on a Friday night. So how’d he end up on my TV? Was Mike seriously not available? I miss Mike.

But we get more Pilot Pete and of course more “Champagne-gate” because apparently Kelsey is going to spend the whole season crying over this champagne.

Thankfully, we can leave that drama behind at the mansion since Peter is taking Victoria P. line dancing. First, they have to get cowboy boots and hats of course. Pete says he and his friends line dance all the time, which seems like a weird activity to pick when you live in LA, but we’ll go with it.

Pete has all the moves, and I’m surprised since he’s just a regular guy. Somehow he manages to kiss Victoria while they’re both wearing cowboy hats. He also shows her some of his not too bad swing dancing moves.

Then of course, the date continues with a flight because in case you forgot, Peter is a pilot. Victoria uses the end of their date to open up about her sad upbringing of basically raising her sister and being food insecure. And this really makes the girls involved in champagne gate even pettier than they already are.

Victoria gets a rose and really deserves it. She seems really kind and caring. It’s going to be sad when she gets eliminated.

Demi is back at the mansion. Someone should change the locks. Seeing all of these irrelevant formers come back makes the show worse. She brings two “henchwomen” to wake the girls up by hitting them with pillows.

The girls gather around downstairs and Demi lists the girls going on a group date she planned. The date? A pillow fight. Each of the girls get what Kiarra called “linger-y” to fight in. Demi tells the girls to get ready “quickly” because Peter will be over to pick them up in an hour. AN HOUR? It’s going to take them an hour to get ready? Maybe the mansion only has four showers so it will take them a long time.

Peter’s girlfriends are ready to smack each other really hard with pillows.

This is of course the perfect time for Sydney and Alayah to settle their beef in the ring. Sydney thinks Alayah (former Miss Texas) is fake when the cameras are on. Alayah wins the pillow fight by sitting on Sydney, but Sydney ultimately wins the war.

After the fighting there’s a cocktail party. Sydney pulls Peter aside and mentions that there are some girls she thinks are fake and names Alayah. Pete decides to address it to the group and basically forces Sydney to tell Alayah to her face what she told Peter.

Normally, this tactic ends up sending you home, but apparently Peter thinks Sydney is looking out for him and she gets the date rose.

Of course this drama creeps into the next day at the pool party. Peter is still upset over Alayah getting exposed. The pool party isn’t much fun for him since almost every other girl he talks to agrees with Sydney that Alayah isn’t being genuine.

This affects the rose ceremony too. Peter listens to the girls and sends Alayah home. He even has Chris Harrison take away one of the roses mid-ceremony! Based on the previews it doesn’t seem like Alayah is gone because of course the producers won’t allow that.


Wellesley Lauren

All photos are from ABC and not owned by me. Thx ABC!!

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