Bachelor Recap: Cleveland, Ohio??

Hi lovelies,

The producers worked hard on this week’s episode and it was obvious. But they didn’t try too hard on the location… Cleveland, Ohio. The girls were unimpressed and did a bad job of hiding it.

So what is there to do in Cleveland? Go to an amusement park! Peter flies Victoria F. over Cleveland to see the sights, and they land at an amusement park. The date is going well until they get to the Chase Rice concert. They always call these “private concerts,” but I don’t see why considering there are a bunch of people surrounding the platform Victoria and Peter are on?!

Anyway, when Victoria sees Chase her jaw drops and she keeps awkwardly covering her face. Victoria, who two episodes ago said guys don’t pay attention to her, dated Chase Rice. Pilot Pete is totally unaware of this and having the time of his life even noting that Victoria must be a fan because she knows all the words to the song.

The whole thing is cringe, but it gets even worse when Chase and Pete exchange info and Pete is being a mega fangirl. Victoria talks to Chase one-on-one and is freaking out because she needs to decide if she should tell Peter about their history.

Victoria ultimately chooses to tell Peter about her relationship with Chase, and he is stunned. Like gif of the woman doing equations in her head stunned. Really, none of this is a big deal right? It’s awkward, but if Victoria doesn’t have feelings for Chase none of this should matter. Peter is obviously an adult and understands this so Victoria gets a rose.

Now all the girls except Kelsey go on a group date. They’re playing football at the Browns’ stadium. Like football football in full pads and tackling each other. What better souvenir from your time on The Bachelor than CTE, right?!

Victoria P. is sitting this one out because of a probably fake “back injury,” and since Pilot Pete is Mr. Smooth they canoodle on the sidelines and he gives her a back massage. Meanwhile, the other girls are beating the life out of each other.

Of course, the girls are divided into teams and have to play for extra time at the cocktail party with Peter. The winners get a cocktail party and the losers get sent home. Shiann is the MVP of this game and it’s amazing, but sadly for her the game ends in a tie so she will have to keep fighting off the other 12 girls to get Peter’s attention. Tough luck, Shiann.

The girls are PISSED about it being a tie, but Shiann’s team makes a pact to make sure she gets to talk to Peter first since she was the best player on the field. Victoria P. with the back injury does not care, and snags Peter first. Cue all the anger.

Shiann eventually gets her time and basically begs Peter to notice her. But Peter gets quickly sidetracked with Alayah returns. Yes, Alayah, the one who he sent home last week after all the drama? She’s back thanks to the producers.

Alayah wants to clear her name after Victoria P. made it sound like they didn’t really know each other. According to Alayah, they spent a week together in Vegas. Peter brings Victoria P. and Alayah together to talk this out and we basically get nowhere. But somehow, Peter has found clarity and invited Alayah back on the show with the warm welcome of a date rose.

At this point, I’m convinced if any girl Peter knows shows up on this season he will invite them to join in. Pete’s a “the more the merrier” kind of guy. I mean, he did ask Hannah B to stick around even though that whole storyline could have happened over text.

Of course the girls are all mad Alayah is back, and they’re double mad because she got the rose and all they got are bruises and possibly concussions. Now Alayah is here to do what she does best, stir up drama. She mentions to some of the other girls about Victoria and Chase Rice dating, which she saw on her phone while she was in Bachelor purgatory.

Peter leaves the girls to stew in their anger and takes Kelsey on a very boring date. This is the classic walk around the city date The Bachelor gives us to make the show seem “real.” Over dinner, Kelsey opens up about finding out her dad was leaving her mom. She gets a rose.

Then, Peter goes back into the lion’s den. The women are in the mansion absolutely FUMING that Peter let Alayah come back and gave her a rose. Peter doesn’t get a warm welcome. The girls all go one after another clapping off, and it was an amazing, empowering experience. They should overthrow Peter and just spend the rest of the season running around the mansion drunk and out of control. That’d be way more interesting.

Sensitive Victoria F. goes to talk to Alayah and call her out for sharing her personal life with the girls. Victoria is out for blood and says she’s going to expose her to Peter. THE DRAMA!!!

The Victorias can’t help but be in the drama. Victoria P. gets pulled aside by Peter, but she freaks out saying she doesn’t want to talk to him. She’s upset Peter is questioning her story about Alayah. We don’t get a rose ceremony. We just get a cliffhanger.

My only wish is that next week Alayah gets sent home for good this time! Okay, that was  a lot of drama. I need to rest.


Wellesley Lauren

All photos are from ABC and not owned by me. Thx ABC!!

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