My Bachelor Prediction

Hi lovelies,

Is anyone else finding this season absolutely painful? Every week I get less and less excited to watch boring Peter’s “journey to find love” all around the world. The most exciting part is when he sends girls home bringing us eve closer to the finale.

Now that The Bachelor notably creates a platform for a bunch of Instagram influencers none of it seems legit. Okay, it didn’t seem super authentic on every season before, but now with the promise of brand partnerships the girls seem more thirsty than ever to create a following and manufactured drama.

I think Kelley could be the bachelorette to turn this around. Her humor is dry and she can be a little cocky, but at least she’s mature. She’s a bit older and truly ready to get married. She might have only come onto the show because it was Peter and they’d hit it off before the show, but her honesty and realness would make for a great lead.

I also can’t stand to see Hannah Ann or Kelsey as the next bachelorette. And I’m still mad at Victoria for modeling a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt. So none of them are good options.

My prediction for the winner is Madison. She is sweet and seems to fit well with Peter. They seem like a pretty normal couple, and she hasn’t been involved in any of the drama. She’s focused on Peter as boring as he might be. If she doesn’t win I will riot.

As the cast gets younger and younger I think we’ll see less and less proposals. Like are you really ready to get married to a guy you spent 12 weeks sharing with other girls? Probably not and at 23? Yeah, no way.

I might keep writing recaps and I’ll be live tweeting, but in case you don’t hear from me these are the only results I can handle. Hannah Ann seems sneaky mean, Victoria F is bratty and Kelsey is still cray based on the champagne incident. So Madison it is!!!!

Who do you want to win and who do you want to be the next bachelorette?


Wellesley Lauren

All photos are from ABC and not owned by me. Thx ABC!!

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