Bachelor Recap: Barb…

I thought my blogs about boring Peter would end weeks ago, but here we are. The season is over, I’ve watched four anti-climatic hours of The Bachelor this week only to find out Peter is basically with no one?

So here’s the scoop if you haven’t been watching closely… Madi told Peter before the fantasy suites that she wouldn’t be comfortable accepting a proposal from someone who had been physical with other women six days before. In my opinion, that’s fair. Yes, she signed up for this show and knew about the fantasy suites, but I like to see these contestants set boundaries like you would in a normal relationship.

Peter decided to YOLO it and was “intimate” with Victoria F. and Hannah Ann. He was honest about this with Madi and she left their date. Surprisingly, she did pop up (late) for the rose ceremony and hesitantly accepted Peter’s rose. This meant, Victoria F. finally left.

Madi is still trying to figure out how to not compromise her beliefs and values for this man who she has feelings for. Add this to the mix of meeting with Peter’s family again and it’s a mini disaster. Madi goes into her time with the Webers honest about how she feels, her values, etc. They are having none of it. If Madi isn’t madly in love with Peter, the Webers are not in love with her.

Hannah Ann the day before cries with Peter’s mom and comes off as madly in love with Peter. This wins over Barb, Peter’s mom, and sets her on a path to slash anyone that gets in the way of Peter and Hannah Ann ending up together… even Madi.

It’s obvious Peter is the most into Madi even though she is becoming more standoffish. Eventually, Madi decides to see herself out leaving only Hannah Ann left. Barb’s dream is coming true.

In the weirdest proposal of all time, Peter tells Hannah Ann that Madi left a few days ago then gets down on one knee asking Hannah Ann to marry him. Perhaps by default? So things turn out just as you’d expect.

Peter breaks it off with Hannah Ann after the show, which we get to see live. Hannah Ann does a good job staying strong through the whole breakup and taking reasonable jabs at Peter. Ultimately, the guy is still in love with Madi! So they’re trying to work it out.

However, Barb is NOT about it. I have never seen a mom be so nasty and cruel straight to their child’s face. This is a TV show, Barb. You need to relax. You’re not getting an EMMY for this performance. You just look SHADY AND RUDE!

If it were possible Barb would kick Peter out of her home and adopt Hannah Ann. She’s that in love with this girl! And she doesn’t just sing Hannah Ann’s praises, she goes in on Madi. It’s fair that Madi was still unsure, but apparently not for Barb. She was also upset that Madi made the family wait three hours to meet her. I feel like there’s more to this story that ultimately falls on the producers, but of course Barb has a bone and won’t let it go.

Ultimately, she doesn’t care about Peter being happy, but about herself. Very rude, Barb. Very rude.

All in all, this season wasn’t great. The drama at the end with Barb, Hannah Ann, Madi and Peter was so cruel it wasn’t fun to watch. Hopefully Clare Crawley makes for a better lead in May…


Wellesley Lauren

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