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FIVE Reasons to Watch The Bachelor’s Listen To Your Heart

I was up last night until about 2:30 a.m. crying and laughing at some of the best reality TV I’ve watched in the past year, and had to write this post about it.

Obviously you read the title of this blog post so you know the show I’m talking about is Listen To Your Heart. Yes, The Bachelor spin-off that’s also kind of like American Idol. The one we all swore to not watch? Yeah, that show.

I’m here to say I was wrong. This show is amazing. It is in fact better than The Bachelor. I tweeted this take last night, and it didn’t do numbers, but I might make it my pinned tweet because of how strongly I feel about this show and franchise.

Since there’s not much better to do while my dog naps, here are FIVE reasons to watch The Bachelor’s Listen To Your Heart.

1. The cast has ambitions beyond becoming influencers

Okay, they probably want to be influencers who will be shilling horrible-for-you diet teas and sunglasses in no time, but it seems like they’re all truly looking for a music career. The cast seems to have more normal, every day people than we see on The Bachelor.

2. The cast could shake up paradise

No seriously, the Listen To Your Heart cast might join Bachelor in Paradise. Chris Harrison has hinted at it, and the Bachelor and Bachelorette casts are tired. Let’s get some shaky acoustic guitar serenades going in Mexico!

3. Celebrity judges don’t hold back

It’s a singing show, but it’s also The Bachelor. Some of the cast seems to understand rhythm and pitch. Others do not.

Somehow, The Bachelor crew got actual celebrity artists to come and judge the couples’ duets every week. The celebrities are taking it seriously. They don’t care about hurting feelings, and I’m living for it.

The former Bachelor couples who have been brought back to judge don’t hold back their feedback either. They mostly comment on couples they can sense don’t “have a connection”.

4. It’s glorified karaoke

I said it, okay. It has to be acknowledged when writing about this singing show. The performances are hit or miss. Even last night, Rachel Lindsay said one performance sounded like karaoke. She wasn’t wrong.

And when the contestants aren’t performing? They’re sitting around the house singing often pitchy acoustic John Mayer covers. My middle school self would’ve swooned at all this, but now I’m plugging my ears and laughing and cringing.

4. There really is love involved

This is a big deal because for a franchise about finding love The Bachelor has a weak success record.

But on the show, there’s at least one real connection between Bri and Chris. They’re obsessed with each other, they actually sound good together and they seem really kind. Incredible! No producer string pulling, just a real relationship. I’m shocked.

5. Natascha

She’s the Sharpay Evans of LTYH. Natascha is running everything. She came in right away with dirt on Trevor, which makes some people believe she is a producer plant. If that’s true, I don’t care because she’s great TV and one of the people on the show with actual talent.

Every week, she and Ryan fake their love on stage and the judges eat it up. Ryan doesn’t even care. He’s just cute and along for the ride doing her backup vocals.

And all of her work isn’t even evil. She’s chaotic good! Most of the time she’s calling someone out who needs to be. I’m a Natascha stan. She won’t win, but she’s a star regardless.

Although Chris Harrison looks like he’s being tortured in every episode, this show is far from torture.

It has the charm many reality TV shows do in the first few seasons where the cast doesn’t come in assuming or demanding a fame and following. They just want to be on a TV show, and you can’t blame them for that!

Have you been watching Listen to Your Heart? I need to know your thoughts!


Wellesley Lauren

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