Meet Me

Hi there!

I’m Wellesley Lauren, a junior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I study journalism and fashion. I’m in the sorority Alpha Xi Delta. The “xi” is pronounced “zee” if you call my sorority “AZD” over text I will not reply.

I can’t live without: yoga pants, cheese, ice cream with sprinkles and good conversation.

I live tweet a lot: all of The Bachelor franchise, pageants, and The Tony Awards.

Quote I live by: “Love people. Serve people” -Quentin Earl Darrington

I can’t stop listening to: HOKA album by Nahko and Medicine for the People, Trevor Hall oldies, and Megan Trainor’s new album

I don’t keep up with famous people because I don’t know them so I don’t care that much.

I firmly believe we should have more farmers markets.

I’m afraid my carbon footprint will single handedly ruin the world.

I live in a constant fear that I will misquote someone who is dead.

If things are out of order you can find me in the fetal position.
That was a lot. If I haven’t scared you away, stay awhile.


Wellesley Lauren


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